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Oxfordians Spreading Authorship Doubts at First Folio Tour

FF flyer featured image

Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship members have been distributing flyers questioning the traditional authorship theory at institutions and events connected to the Folger Shakespeare Library’s 2016 national First Folio tour. The flyer was created by the SOF’s First Folio Committee, chaired by Professor ...

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End of an Oxfordian Era on the Supreme Court?


Remembering Justice Antonin Scalia (1936-2016) by Bryan H. Wildenthal[1] With the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, on February 13 of this year, the United States Supreme Court lost one of its most brilliant and influential members—and Oxfordians lost one of the ...

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Remembering Rollett and Debunking Shapiro (Again)


by Bryan H. Wildenthal On June 29, the New York Times once again gave a platform to a Stratfordian academic to peddle nonsense on the Shakespeare authorship issue. Oddly enough (bear with me, there’s a connection), this made me think of ...

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SI-100 — James Warren research project

James Warren continues to examine impact of “Shakespeare” Identified SI-100 Committee member James Warren continues to lead the preliminary work to develop and organize materials for a book on the impact that“Shakespeare” Identified has had on Shakespeare studies and the ...

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SI-100 progress update: December 2015

J. Thomas Looney, author of Shakespeare Identified, 1920

Compiled by Kathryn Sharpe In this issue: SOF members get SI-100 update at Ashland conference James Warren continues to examine impact of “Shakespeare” Identified List of known letters of J. T. Looney SI-100 Committee membership changes New First Folio Committee ...

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An Hour With Wells and Edmondson

Stanley Wells and Paul Edmondson (photos by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust)

Note from the Editor By Alex McNeil I hope you’ll read with care the interview, conducted by Don Rubin and Patricia Keeney, with Stanley Wells and Paul Edmondson of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. After you’re finished, I don’t know if ...

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SI-100 progress update: May 2015

In this issue: ●    New SI-100 Committee members ●    James Warren now studying impact of Shakespeare Identified ●    Clarifying the purpose of the SI-100 Committee ●    Responding to the Folger’s 2016 First Folio tour New SI-100 Committee members by Linda ...

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J. T. Looney Reading List compiled by James Warren

Excerpted from the recently released third edition of James Warren’s Index to Oxfordian Publications published in hardcopy by William Boyle’s Forever Press, which is available in paperback, and in an online, searchable database format at Boyle’s Shakespeare Online Authorship Resources (SOAR) catalog. ...

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‘Thy Stratford Moniment’ – Revisited

Fig. 6. Hollar’s Drawing, c. 1656

Holistic Interpretation by Alexander Waugh This article was first published in the De Vere Society Newsletter, October 2014.  It is here presented, in a version revised and updated by the author, with kind permission of the De Vere Society. That ...

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The Latin Inscription on the Stratford Shakespeare Monument Unraveled: Its Bearing on the Stratfordian Controversy

The fight for the body of Patroclus from the Iliad (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)

by Jack A. Goldstone* The Shakespeare monument in Stratford-upon-Avon is frequently cited as one of the clearest pieces of evidence that William Shakspere of Stratford was the author of the Shakespeare poems and plays. It was likely erected just before ...

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