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Oxfordian Editor Shines in SAQ Radio Broadcast

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“The absence of the author has brought about an absolute tragedy . . . .” by Theresa Lauricella Award-winning poet Chris Pannell, editor of The Oxfordian, spoke about the Shakespeare Authorship Question (SAQ) with Art Waves host Bernadette Rule on ...

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Thurgood Marshall Lecture Series Presents Regnier on Shakespeare and the Law

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Tom Regnier has been selected by the Dade County (Florida) Bar Association to speak on “Hamlet and the Law of Homicide” as part of the DCBA’s Justice Thurgood Marshall Distinguished Lecture Series on Thursday morning, September 8, 2016. The series honors ...

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Law Professor Chastises Shapiro for Misleading Statements on Authorship Question


Professor Bryan H. Wildenthal of Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, in “Remembering Rollett and Debunking Shapiro (Again),” an article on the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship website, has detailed a long string of misleading, irresponsible, and even false statements concerning the Shakespeare authorship ...

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Remembering Rollett and Debunking Shapiro (Again)


by Bryan H. Wildenthal On June 29, the New York Times once again gave a platform to a Stratfordian academic to peddle nonsense on the Shakespeare authorship issue. Oddly enough (bear with me, there’s a connection), this made me think of ...

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Update on Mark Twain Project Online and “Is Shakespeare Dead?”

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On May 12 of this year, the SOF posted a news item on this website, “SOF Responds to Omission of Authorship Book from Mark Twain Project,” in which we reported that the University of California at Berkeley’s Mark Twain Project ...

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Earl Showerman reviews Shakespeare & Classical Antiquity by Colin Burrow

Shakespeare & Classical Antiquity by Colin Burrow

Colin Burrow, Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, has written widely on the relationship between Renaissance literature and the classics. In his most extended study of this subject, Shakespeare & Classical Antiquity, he argues that “Shakespeare knew ...

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Hablevych Translates Hamlet’s Law into Ukrainian

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Independent Shakespeare scholar Maria Hablevych has recently published The Light of Shakespeare’s Temple: Articles, Translations, a collection of her Shakespearean scholarship in Ukrainian. The book includes a translation into Ukrainian of the bulk of Tom Regnier’s 2003 University of Miami ...

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Costello Launches “Shakespeare and the Stars” book in Toronto on June 2

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Astrologer Priscilla Costello, who spoke at the SOF’s 2013 conference, will launch her new book, Shakespeare and the Stars: The Hidden Astrological Keys to Understanding the World’s Greatest Playwright, on Thursday, June 2, 2016, from 7 to 9:30 p.m., at Victoria ...

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