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SOF to Sponsor Summer Seminar in Ashland this August

Hannon Library

Following the success of the 2015 Authorship Conference, the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship will for the first time sponsor a summer seminar in authorship studies at the Hannon Library in Ashland, Oregon from August 1-5, 2016. The seminar is designed to ...

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Oxfordians rebut Shapiro’s “Year of Lear”


Contested Year, a response by anti-Stratfordians to James Shapiro’s The Year of Lear: Shakespeare in 1606, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released as a Kindle e-book on February 9, 2016. Shapiro’s book claims that Shakespeare ...

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Oxfordian film director meets with Sir Derek

Jacobi featured image

Cheryl Eagan-Donovan, director of the Oxfordian film Nothing is Truer than Truth, met with Sir Derek Jacobi, also an Oxfordian, regarding her film on a recent trip to London. Eagan-Donovan said: We had the great privilege of screening the film ...

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Ann Zakelj: How I Became an Oxfordian

Zakelj featured image

I love a mystery. Maybe it was all those Nancy Drew books that I read as a kid. My penchant for all things mysterious evolved into the exploration of more than one (dare I say?) conspiracy theory. The Romanovs, JFK’s ...

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Chiljan: Origins of Pen Name Shakespeare

Chiljan Featured Image

The video of Katherine Chiljan’s Ashland conference presentation “Origins of the Pen Name ‘William Shakespeare’” is now available on the SOF website. As Chiljan stated, “The great author told us that ‘William Shakespeare’ was a pseudonym in Venus and Adonis ...

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Gary Livacari: How I Became an Oxfordian


I am greatly indebted to the late Joseph Sobran for introducing me to the Shakespeare-authorship question. It was his columns in National Review almost 30 years ago that first alerted me to the controversy. Every so often, he would stray ...

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Catherine Hatinguais: How I Became an Oxfordian

Catherine Hatinguais featured image

While growing up in France in the sixties and seventies, I was not aware that there was an authorship controversy. As a teenager I attended a performance of Richard III at Stratford-upon-Avon and later at University I read some of ...

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David Van Vleck: How I Became an Oxfordian

Van Vleck Featured Image

I’m a playwright/novelist/screenwriter (whose favorite actor is, coincidentally to Oxfordiania, Sir Derek Jacobi). Several years ago, I was at my grandparents’ summer farm in Vermont, and relaxing on our porch, I found myself in conversation with my (now-ex; met another ...

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How Did You Become an Oxfordian?

Edward de Vere, 1575

The SOF launches a periodic series of essays from members called, “How I Became an Oxfordian.” The SOF welcomes Bob Meyers, President Emeritus of the National Press Foundation, who will edit this series. Bob wants to hear from you about ...

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Support the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship through AmazonSmile


You Shop. Amazon Gives. Do you shop through Amazon.com? Now, through the AmazonSmile program, you can ensure that every time you buy merchandise on Amazon, a portion of the proceeds of your purchase will go to the SOF. And it ...

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