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Greene’s Groats-worth of Witte: Shakespeare’s Biography?

by Frank Davis Originally published in the 2009 issue of The Oxfordian Few tracts from Shakespeare’s time have generated more study, comment and controversy than Greenes Groats-worth of Witte, Bought with a Million of Repentance, Describing the follie of youth, ...

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Shakespeare, Oxford, and “A Pedlar”

by James Fitzgerald You can always get a little more literature if you are willing to go a little closer into what has been left unsaid as unspeakable, just as you can always get a little more melon by going ...

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Hamlet and the skull

Noted barrister and M.P. Sir George Greenwood claimed Shakespeare’s plays and poems “supply ample evidence that their author . . . had a very extensive and accurate knowledge of law.” This essay surveys arguments for and against supposing a legal education for Shakespeare.

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Searching for the Oxfordian “Smoking Gun” in Elizabethan Letters

 by Paul H. Altrocchi, M.D. I will find where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed within the center. Hamlet: Act II Scene 2 Oxfordian scholars should be commended for excellent research in the past twenty-five years—a very productive ...

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Authorship Clues in Henry VI, Part 3

by Eric Lewin Altschuler and William Jansen Some years ago, in an article in Notes & Queries, Philippa Sheppard noted strong similarities between the speech of Prince Edward in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 3 (5.4. 44-49) and the famed “St. ...

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De Vere’s Lucrece and Romano’s Sala di Troia

Michael Delahoyde Originally published in THE OXFORDIAN, Volume IX 2006, pages 51–65 To this well-painted piece is Lucrece come, To find a face where all distress is stell’d. Many she sees where cares have carvéd some, But none where all distress and ...

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Gabriel Harvey and the Genesis of “William Shakespeare”

by Andrew Hannas Reprinted by permission of the author from The Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter, Winter 1993, Volume 29, No. 1B In attempts to explain the choice of the name “William Shakespeare” subscribed in print to the dedicatory epistles to ...

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A Brief History of the Shakespeare Question

1709 The publication of the first biography of “Shakespeare” as the Stratford man by Nicholas Rowe. The Restoration-era, modern biographical tradition takes root. 1728 Publication of Captain Goulding’s Essay Against Too Much Reading: Shakespeare probably had to keep “one of those ...

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