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Oliver Kamm at London Times

Authorship experts John Shahan and Ramon Jimenez go nose to nose with The Times of London columnist Oliver Kamm, a former investment banker and hedge fund co-founder who flippantly maligns anti-Stratfordians in his Sept. 7, 2009, column: “Great Historical Questions to Which the Answer is No” at: http://timesonline.typepad.com/oliver_kamm/2009/09/great-historical-questions-to-which-the-answer-is-no.html

Kamm appears to think he has solved the problem because as The Times wordmaster writes:

As this argument has never satisfactorily come to terms with the troubling circumstance that the man was dead when the plays were written, it may safely be described as a crank notion. It’s liitle wonder that its originator was a Gateshead schoolmaster in the 1920s called J. Thomas Looney.

Stay tuned, ’cause Jimenez is just the guy to explain to Kamm that dating the plays is a double-edged sword for Stratfordians.

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