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The Oxfordian: Guidelines

The Oxfordian is published once a year, in the Fall. Articles submitted for publication will be reviewed by an editorial board and authors will be contacted directly by the general editor in a prompt manner upon receipt of a submission. MLA format should be used in preparing articles for publication. Modernized spelling is preferred in most quotations from old sources. Articles may be submitted via email. Word, Pages, or .RTF files are good file formats for attachments. Proposals for articles are welcome as well as full articles in manuscript. Letters to the editor are encouraged too.

Please contact the editor, Chris Pannell, via email. Please put the words “The Oxfordian” in the subject line along with anything specific to your subject.

The Oxfordian will:

* include some articles which are “outward-looking” (i.e., written for those who are new to the authorship question). Such articles will not be password-protected on the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship (SOF) website.

* encourage articles suitable for the general public interested in writing, literature, and theatre, presenting a similar level of reading difficulty and detail as would be found in general interest magazines such as Harper’s or The Atlantic.

* explore the discrepancies in the traditional theory of the Stratford man as author of the works of “William Shakespeare” and encourage continued research into the evidence supporting the theory that Oxford was the true author.

* look beyond the Shakespeare canon to consider a wide variety of issues in the study of Elizabethan history, politics, literature, letters, publishing, religion, morals, science, sociology, and philosophy.

* look within the Shakespeare canon, through focused literary analysis to deepen our understanding of the evidence for Oxford and the relationship between the works and the author.

* encourage debate and discussion of all issues in Oxfordian thought with the goal of drawing all who are interested in the authorship into contact with the SOF.