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How I Became An Oxfordian

“How I Became an Oxfordian” is a periodic series of essays from members about the origins of their interest in the Shakespeare Authorship question. Every Oxfordian has his or her own story about the events that led to that moment of recognition when it became clear that Oxford had to be the real Shakespeare. Every Oxfordian’s story is unique and an inspiration to other Oxfordians and to people new to the authorship question. Bob Meyers, President Emeritus of the National Press Foundation, is editor of this series and wants to hear from you about how you became an Oxfordian. SOF members, send your essay (500 words or less in an editable form such as a Word document), along with a digital photo of yourself to info@shakespeareoxfordfellowship.org.

John Varady: How I Became an Oxfordian

Soon after reading Julius Caesar in Junior High school I became a ‘Bardolator.’ Later, while taking Latin, I immersed myself in the history of late Republican Rome. Shakespeare’s knowledge of the period amazed me, especially when I learned how little ...

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Theresa Lauricella: How I Became an Oxfordian

When I was ten, my father purchased a set of classics bound in rich green leather with gold leaf edges. The volumes included works by Voltaire, Cervantes, Twain, and many others. Shakespeare’s works, in four volumes, were included too. As ...

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Mark Alexander: How I Became an Oxfordian

I read Charlton Ogburn’s The Mysterious William Shakespeare as a graduate student in English. I recall that as I read, the coincidences between the plays and the Earl of Oxford’s life piled up, especially in Hamlet. I was still skeptical, ...

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Ann Zakelj: How I Became an Oxfordian

I love a mystery. Maybe it was all those Nancy Drew books that I read as a kid. My penchant for all things mysterious evolved into the exploration of more than one (dare I say?) conspiracy theory. The Romanovs, JFK’s ...

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Gary Livacari: How I Became an Oxfordian

I am greatly indebted to the late Joseph Sobran for introducing me to the Shakespeare-authorship question. It was his columns in National Review almost 30 years ago that first alerted me to the controversy. Every so often, he would stray ...

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Catherine Hatinguais: How I Became an Oxfordian

While growing up in France in the sixties and seventies, I was not aware that there was an authorship controversy. As a teenager I attended a performance of Richard III at Stratford-upon-Avon and later at University I read some of ...

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David Van Vleck: How I Became an Oxfordian

I’m a playwright/novelist/screenwriter (whose favorite actor is, coincidentally to Oxfordiania, Sir Derek Jacobi). Several years ago, I was at my grandparents’ summer farm in Vermont, and relaxing on our porch, I found myself in conversation with my (now-ex; met another ...

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Bob Meyers: How I Became an Oxfordian

When I was about 11 or 12, we read Julius Caesar in junior high. When I tried to find out about the author, I learned that he was a glover’s son who completed elementary school, went to London to write ...

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How Did You Become an Oxfordian?

The SOF launches a periodic series of essays from members called, “How I Became an Oxfordian.” The SOF welcomes Bob Meyers, President Emeritus of the National Press Foundation, who will edit this series. Bob wants to hear from you about ...

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