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Hablevych Translates Hamlet’s Law into Ukrainian

Independent Shakespeare scholar Maria Hablevych has recently published The Light of Shakespeare’s Temple: Articles, Translations, a collection of her Shakespearean scholarship in Ukrainian. The book includes a translation into Ukrainian of the bulk of Tom Regnier’s 2003 University of Miami ...

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Whittemore reviews Ideas of Order: A Close Reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Ideas of Order book cover

The Sonnets consist of “love poetry that is as passionate, daring, intimate, searing, and lyrical as any that we may ever encounter,” Rudenstine writes, adding that the poems are “more carefully ordered—as a coherent sequence” than most commentators allow, and that “some of the clusters of linked sonnets seem so tightly bound together”

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Results of Oxfordian Survey at Madison Conference

December 5, 2014 Survey Says (2014) by Alex McNeil   Attendees at this year’s Annual Conference were invited to fill out a survey (see below), soliciting their views and opinions on various aspects of the Authorship Question. It asked respondents ...

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Oh Shakespeare, Shakespeare … Who Art Thou? Wikipedia article about Roland Emmerich’s forthcoming film Anonymous

Quote from Sir Derek Jacobi: "I'm on the side of those who do not believe that the man from Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the plays. I think the name was a pseudonym, certainly. [Anonymous] puts the authorship question firmly and squarely on the big screen. It's a very risky thing to do, and obviously the orthodox Stratfordians are going to be apoplectic with rage."

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Shakespeare’s Disgrace

Joseph Sobran writes about the central thesis to his new book Alias Shakespeare, namely that the Sonnets provide the key evidence that the author of the Shakespeare Canon cannot be the Stratford man, and must be, among all the various claimants, Edward de Vere; and further, that the homosexual relationship revealed in the Sonnets explains the reason for covering up the true authorship.

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Shake-speare’s Sonnets are Stratfordians’ Achilles’ Heel

Joseph Sobran based his 1997 book Alias Shakespeare on his Oxfordian reading of the Sonnets, and he re-states here what he said in his book: the Sonnets are indeed an "Achilles' heel" for Stratfordians, since any acceptance of their reality virtually blows the Stratford actor out of the water as their author.

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