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It’s Time to Join (or Renew Your Membership) for 2015!

By being a member, you help the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship promote the Oxfordian cause through our newsletters and journals, conferences, website, and social media. Membership dues are the lifeblood of the organization that keeps it going! The sooner you renew, the sooner we can solidify our plans for 2015.

    • Basic Membership: $44. Basic membership entitles you to electronic access to all of our journals and newsletters (the most recent publications are password-protected and available to members only), discounts on conference registration, and all other rights of membership, including the right to vote for members of the Board of Trustees.
    • Newsletter Membership: $69 (U.S.), $74 (Canada), $84 (other countries). This membership category includes all the members’ rights listed above, and you also receive four printed issues of the quarterly Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter sent to your home. Unfortunately, we have to ask more for Canadian and other international members because of the recent increases in postal rates.
    • Family Memberships: This membership category includes all members’ rights for two persons living in the same household. $59 (Basic). Add one subscription for the newsletter (four issues printed and mailed): $84 (U.S.), $89 (Canada), $99 (other countries).
    • Introductory Gift Memberships: Members who have renewed for 2015 may give introductory one-year gift memberships that include the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter (four issues printed and mailed) to friends and family who have never been members of the SOF or its predecessor organizations. $35 (U.S. or Canada), $45 (other countries).  To buy gift memberships online: after completing your purchase below, send an email with recipient name(s) & address(es) to the SOF Office at this link. Or you may purchase using our mail-in membership form.

All members receive discounts on registration for the Fellowship’s Annual Conference. (Amounts above are in U.S. dollars.)

Note: Journals. We will continue to publish our excellent journals, Brief Chronicles and The Oxfordian. These will be available online in electronic form to all members. Hard copy issues will now be available to both membership and the general public at low cost through Amazon’s CreateSpace print-on-demand publishing arm at Amazon.com.

Term: The annual term of membership is January 1 to December 31. (If you join as a newsletter member in mid-year, we will send you copies of back issues of the newsletter that you have missed for that year so that you receive all the benefits of membership.)

Like most non-profit organizations, we need additional donations from you, our members, in order to carry out our basic activities. And in order to fund special projects, such as editing the videos taken at our last conference or launching a contest for the best short video on the authorship question, we depend entirely on your donations. The more you give, the more we can expand our reach and carry the news about Oxford to the rest of the world. Click here to donate.

DON’T WAIT! RENEW NOW! And please consider adding a donation, of whatever amount you can afford, when you renew your membership.


Become a member:

  • By Mail: Click here for a mail-in membership form.
  • Online: Choose your membership category from the menu below, then click “Buy Now.” (PayPal will handle the transaction, but no PayPal account is required.)

Price: from $35.00
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