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The year 2020 will be the one-hundredth anniversary of the publication of J. Thomas Looney’s groundbreaking work, Shakespeare Identified in Edward de Vere Seventeenth Earl of Oxford.  The publication of Shakespeare Identified laid the foundation for the movement crediting Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, as the likely true author of the works of Shakespeare, and kicked off the modern post-Stratfordian era. The Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship (SOF) board of trustees has appointed the Shakespeare Identified 100 (SI-100) committee to highlight Looney’s achievement in a year-long celebration.

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SI-100 news updates

SI-100 progress update: November 2016

SI-100 progress update: December 2015

SI-100 progress update: May 2015

Ideas for the celebration

The SI-100 committee held a “Think Looney” brainstorming session during the Madison, Wisconsin SOF conference in September 2014 to gather ideas for a centennial celebration. Suggestions included producing a theatrical event and sponsoring a biography of Looney.  Read a report of the brainstorm here. Share your ideas by taking our SI-100 survey here.

Shakespeare_Identified_coverRead J.T. Looney’s
Shakespeare Identified

READ  A beautiful, searchable copy is available for free in multiple formats on Internet Archive.

LISTEN  A free audiobook version is available on iTunes and directly through Librivox.

BUY  Copies are available on Amazon, including a Kindle version for the cost of 99-cents.

Learn about J.T. Looney

Explore the J.T. Looney reading list excerpted from the recently released third edition of James Warren’s Index to Oxfordian Publications published in hardcopy by William Boyle’s Forever Press, which is available in paperback, and in an online, searchable database format at Boyle’s Shakespeare Online Authorship Resources (SOAR) catalog. The list is published in both chronological and alphabetical order.

The SI-100 committee

The SI-100 committee seeks to gather and communicate information about, and help coordinate, efforts to celebrate the 2020 centennial. The committee is chaired by Kathryn Sharpe and currently includes Linda Theil, Shelly Maycock, Jennifer Newton, James Warren, Jonathan Morgan, Justin Borrow, and (ex officio) SOF President Tom Regnier.

The SI-100 committee does not aspire to any decision making role about 2020 celebration efforts, which are still in the early stages of contemplation. Rather, we see our role as communicative and coordinative.

J.T. Looney research project

SI-100 Committee member James Warren continues to lead the preliminary work to develop and organize materials for a book on the impact that“Shakespeare” Identified has had on Shakespeare studies and the wider literary world over the past 100 years. A tentative title is John Thomas Looney and “Shakespeare” Identified: The 100th anniversary of the book that is revolutionizing Shakespeare Studies. More info and list of letters . . .

Request for papers

The editors of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship print publications in conjunction with the 2020 centennial celebration of the publication of J. Thomas Looney’s Shakespeare Identified in Edward deVere, the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, extend an invitation to researchers to submit articles on the topics of J. Thomas Looney, his life and work. For more information, read the request-for-papers announcement here.

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