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Beauty and the Paradigm

Mark Anderson considers the intriguing parallels between art and science in understanding how the true solution to a problem can be "beautiful."

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Oxford’s Metamorphoses

Hank Whittemore explores the core of Shakespeare / Oxford's being and growth as an artist by looking at his life-long relationship with Ovid's Metamorphoses.

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The Secret of Shakespeare’s Irish Sympathies

In a 1941 article Charles Wisner Barrell considered how the author's personal acquaintance with 16th century Irish culture, legends and music is reflected in the Shakespeare works.

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The Character of Kent In King Lear

Donald LaGreca looks at Kent's character as something that was perhaps carefully crafted by the author to be a righteous model of his brother-in-law, Peregrine Bertie, Lord Willoughby.

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Of Standins, Pseudonyms, Mummings and Disguisings

Hiding behind a mask was more of a commonplace in Elizabethan England than many of us in the 20th century might suspect. Stephanie Hughes presents a brief overview of how the history of public rituals and celebrations played into the development of masques, and eventually, the theater of the times.

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Elizabethan Stage Scenery

In 1941 noted Oxfordian researcher Eva Turner Clark examined an oft-ignored aspect of Elizabethan theatre --scenery-- and discovered that the records for the Court Revels indicate a clear record of elaborate, expensive stage and costume design. Clark concludes by wondering whether a certain, theatre-addicted, spendthrift earl might have been the artistic and financial force behind the scenery.

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